Licensed via Nouvion Trade:
Numbers, Counting & Patterns at the carnival
by Nickelodeonc
Shapes, measurement & positioning at the aquarium
by Nickelodeon
Purple Monkey Rescue!
by Nickelodeon
Save the kitten!
by Nickelodeon
Life Without Limits
by Nick Vujicic
The House of Secrets: The Hidden World of the Mikveh
by Varda Polak-Sahm
Pirate Latitudes
by Michael Crichton
Sidney Sheldon's The Tides of Memory
by Sidney Sheldon, Tilly Bagshawe
The Bourne Dominion
by Eric Van Lustbader
Winnie the Witch
by Valerie Thomas, Korky Paul (Illustrator)
The White Pearl
by Kate Furnivall
Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman
by Robert K. Massie